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The following testimonies are precious to me. I am not sharing these testimonies to try to convince you that miracles are for today nor the reality that Jesus is alive. In Hebrews chapter 13 the 8th verse the Bible declares that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” The same Jesus that walked by the shores of the Sea of Galilee healing all He encountered is the same Jesus that is here today. The book of John and Acts make it abundantly clear that those who believe will do the same works that Jesus did through the power of the Holy Spirit. Through the grace of God, I am simply one of those who believe. What is contained within these pages is sacred and precious to those to whom these miracles happened. Their experiences should not be dismissed.

My prayer is that your eyes would be open to the reality that Jesus is alive today and that your faith would be stirred to the power of the resurrected Christ. Jesus loves you, cares about you, and is waiting to touch you and heal you.


In Him,

This is only a partial list of healings and miracles that Jesus has done in this ministry. Multiple thousands have testified of being healed from a variety of afflictions and torments. Including blindness, deafness, the lame, tumors, demonization, back pain, leg pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, and accident injuries. My prayer is that your eyes would be open to the reality that Jesus is alive today and that your faith would be stirred to the power of the resurrected Christ. Jesus loves you, cares about you, and is waiting to touch you and heal you.

Crusade in Restricted Nation

Sir, Thanks the Lord, 24,163 People Gathered in your Open Air Crusade, and over 1000 People have testified that they received Healing and Miracles. Thanks to the Lord, people came on Cycles, Bikes, Bull-cart, Donkey-cart, Auto Rickshaw and walking from 35 different Villages.


Thanks Lord 17,529 Souls are Saved! Our team wrote full report in the ground.

One Lady wasn’t able to see in both her eyes from Childhood, but Thanks Lord she now can see.


Another Young Boy wasn’t able to speak, and his tongue wasn’t working, but after your Crusade their Child is able to speak now.


One Man wasn’t able to walk because of his right leg for the last 9 Years, but today he go back home with both legs walking.


Thanks very much for Healing Prayer and Powerful Message Sir! Pastor Tom thank the Lord!

Pastor R
Crusade in Restricted Nation

Sir, Thanks the Lord, 24,163 People Gathered in your Open Air Crusade, and over 1000 People have testified that they received Healing and Miracles. Thanks to the Lord, people came on Cycles, Bikes, Bull-cart, Donkey-cart, Auto Rickshaw and walking from 35 different Villages.


Thanks Lord 17,529 Souls are Saved! Our team wrote full report in the ground.

One Lady wasn’t able to see in both her eyes from Childhood, but Thanks Lord she now can see.


Another Young Boy wasn’t able to speak, and his tongue wasn’t working, but after your Crusade their Child is able to speak now.


One Man wasn’t able to walk because of his right leg for the last 9 Years, but today he go back home with both legs walking.


Thanks very much for Healing Prayer and Powerful Message Sir! Pastor Tom thank the Lord!

Pastor R
Healed of Hearing Problems

For fifteen years I am in the ministry and I was suffering from severe Hearing problem, I tried various methods of treatment from different doctors, nothing came out f those doctors.

At last I was invited to attend your meetings to Translate at T.P.gudem I came there for on Saturday , when you laid your hands and prayed during that I felt the power of the Holy Spirit, passing through all parts of my body, that’s when I received healing for my hearing problem, thank you and Praise the Lord.

Pastor Moses
Age 47
Healed of Cardiac problem

I grew up in Ideal temple , I received Jesus as my personal savior and grew stronger in the Lord after listening to the worship and message of you and prayers of Doug fisher since long time I suffered from cardiac problem for eight years, in between my husband went to be with the Lord, I was all alone, and As such depression gripped me, I did not know what to do , tried taking different kinds of medicines but none of it worked.

Accidently I entered “Hope of Glory Church” with the taught that I should only idle my time, but the love of God , touched me at this place through and praying of Bishop Tom Fox, his preaching challenged me to seek the Lord , once he laid his hand on me and prayed , I received my healing like never before. Now I have the comforter comforting me through the fellowship of Hope of Gory Church.

Ruth Amma
Age 61
Suffering from Migraine or the past Six months now Healed

For the past Six months, I have been suffering from migraine, visited several doctors, went through different course of medicines but none of it could relieve me.I am unable to express my joy and gratitude to the Lord Jesus, for healing me.

I heard about the gospel meetings being conducted at “Hope of Glory Church” I attended, the moment I arrived, I began to feel the presence of the Lord and enjoyed the Worship Once Bishop Tom Fox began to preach it was a soothing to my skull bone, for the first time I heard the gospel of Lord Jesus, I felt I was a sinner and received Jesus as my personal savior, during prayer time, the servant of God, it was a great relief, all my pain disappeared. Now I am enjoying my new faith in Christ, received my healing. Praise the Lord.

Srinivas Rao
Age 55

A Place of Freedom

I’ve been so blessed by the ministry at the Center.  Along with learning tons, it has been a place of freedom in worship that I have so desired.  It is a place where I have been so affirmed.  Thank you!  Praise the Lord! – K

God’s Spirit is Free!

I saw you and the team at Teen Challenge.  I felt the love of Christ and received an encouraging word.  My friend wrote down a word and still looks at it often for encouragement.  I appreciate a place where God’s Spirit is free to minister and can have a place where I can look up to mature Christian.  God bless you, be strong in the Lord and power of His might. – K

A Spiritual Father

You have been more than a mentor to me, you have become like a spiritual Father.  And I thank God for you always.  May God richly bless you. – S

His Manifest Presence Reigns!

I thank you for your faithfulness and steadfastness in allowing Hope of Glory Ministries to become what God wants.  Through the good and exciting breakthroughs, allowing His Manifest Presence to reign, through the trials, through the seeming setbacks, through personal testings, juggling business and ministry – through it all.  It blesses me immensely to receive through you the revelatory teachings birthed from “thy kingdom come”… it blesses me to see your obedience in allowing the Holy Spirit to have access to the hearts, minds and souls of the people…not man’s agenda.  Christ ruling and reigning…Awesome! And it blesses me also to see even when you aren’t sure which way to go, you stand!!! I have personally grown and been strengthened in spirit, mind and body through participation and entering into all that Hope of Glory offers and imparts.  And allowing me to move and flow in His giftings and be used.  It is also so evident that you know we all need each other…and can function as one body.  And we are learning!  Most of all, I feel, touch, see and hear the sounds of revival and His Glorious church plans being birthed through Hope of Glory and I honor and respect you Tom, as the pastor and leader of this particular move of God.  Watching and waiting as the Lord unites ministries and leaders. – J

A Healed Woman

What an awesome ministry. What an awesome spiritual leader.  What an awesome God we served!  I have been so blessed by the Holy Spirit’s operation through you.  I’m a healed woman – who now has a healing ministry.  Because of Hope of Glory Ministries, I was able to come, process my pain from a deceptive/defiled marriage, get healed and now help others.  Tom, I appreciate your godliness.  I appreciate you as a friend.  Your integrity and willingness to see us become all God has for us.  Thank you for your selflessness.  I respect you and bless you and your ministry.  I owe you so much more.  Glad Jesus paid the price.  I pray God showers you with His diving blessings and love. – M

Revelation Opened

I have been a Christian for 2 ½ years.  I feel so fortunate to have been led to the Center.  You have made the Word a revelation to me.   It amazes me how many (?) (Deuteronomy 7) have been removed.  I am looking forward to becoming one of the “army” that sets the captives free.  Thank you for moving in the spirit and teaching me what the true Spirit of Christ is all about. – J

Changed Life

There are many things I am thankful for, but the most important one is what  I’ve found at your meetings.  Pastor Tom meetings change my life.  I am able to move freely in the Holy Spirit without the spirit within me being quenched.  I can minister to your sheep.  Ministering to God’s children is where I get my joy.  I like to give out and not just receive and I can do this at your meetings.  Thank you.  Your ministry has truly blessed me and my children.  The most and final thing that blesses me, Pastor Tom, is the Jesus love that is in you – it is what draws my spirit to the meetings. – I

Atmosphere of Love

I thank God for the wisdom he has imparted in you and how the Holy Spirit works through you to create an atmosphere of love, peace, and a safe place for me to come and grow in the Lord and discover the goodness of the Lord as I always knew it was supposed to be and to be a part of restoring my hope.  Thanks – D

Thank You!

Thank you Tom for your obedience to the Holy Spirit, I appreciate the love you have shown us during this past year, we have both come to enjoy our time with the Lord in a much needed time in our lives.  We look forward with anticipation of what the Lord has in store for the future! – Pastor J

Life Not the Same

I really appreciate coming to the Center.  I first heard of it from Pastor Doug Stanton.  You were following him around two years ago in North Heights Lutheran church.  Pastor Doug had prayed over me.  I was down on the floor.  Tom, you came and gave me a prophetic word!  Life is not the same now.  There is new depth in God, new healings, more prophecies, and now I have a big heart to be a missionary to Australia!  I am doing it here too! – D

Filled with Fire

You have blessed my life through your ministry.  I have so many fond memories of seeing you at meetings over the years before the Center.  I had such a desire to lay hands on the sick…one night at Antioch you prophesied over me that I had hands filled with fire to lay hands on the sick.  This was such an encouragement for me.

You have been a blessing to my family also.  Ministering to my grandchildren, son and daughter.  We have all been touched deeply by your teaching and preaching.  It has been awesome.  God is using you to answer Grandmother’s and Mother’s prayers. – L

Making a Way for the Holy Spirit

I just want to thank you for your submissive, seeking heart to discern and yield to what Holy Spirit is doing or saying.  Thank you for earnestly and diligently guarding over the integrity of an atmosphere that will welcome and yield to even His most subtle movements.  I appreciate your seasoned heart before Him, the time spent with Him, the experiences with Him that you have treasured.  Most of all, I love your humility and confidence in Him.  That you are willing to hear and even make a way for the Holy Spirit to move through one of us.  Gentleness and enthusiasm, seeking and learning and prioritizing Him and His will above all else is your trademark.  We thank God and give praises to Him for giving us this gift which is you.  – C

Season of Healing and Deliverance

Words could never fully express the gratitude in my heart to the Lord for your ministry.  I have had a season of healing, deliverance and training up for the ministry.  My heart deeply appreciates you and the example you are to me.  I thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to the Lord in helping the body of Christ take their place in the body. – L

New Places with Father

God bless you and thank you for the opportunity to minister with you, traveling into new places with our Father – L

Blessed, Encouraged, Healed, Delivered, Grownup, Corrected, Changed, Molded & Shaped

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful ministry at the Center, and all that it has meant to me this year.  I have been blessed, encouraged, healed, delivered, grown-up, corrected, changed, molded, and shaped through your ministry, and can never properly express in my words all that it has meant to me, and the impact it has had on my life.  I will, therefore, use His Word, to better express all that the ministries of Hope of Glory, mean to me.  First, let me simply say, thank you dear shepherd, for all that you and your ministry have done for me, and bless you for your obedience to answer the call.  I think Paul expresses it better than I, in his letter to the Ephesians, and I have made it my prayer for you, never ceasing to give thanks for you and for your ministry. 

Ephesians 1:15-18 (New King James Version) 15 Therefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, 16 do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers: 17 that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, 18 the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints

In was in the winter and spring of 2004 that my dear friend, repeatedly invited me to attend a Center meeting.  I prayed about it and waited, never having heard of you or your ministry.  I think another friend, then also mentioned the Center to me.  It was after having been invited several times, that I then attended evangelist Paul Olson’s fundraising dinner on April 2, 2004.  That night, I was introduced to and felt confirmation in my spirit, that I should attend a Center meeting.  That same week, I came on Tuesday night, and have been attending ever since!  I tasted and saw that the Lord was good, as it were.  What a gift your ministry has been to me.  As a young Christian, having only been saved in April 2002, it has been a tremendous place of growing and maturing for me.  I have a long way to go, in that regard, but am so appreciative of all that I have received, and that I have been allowed to move into some of what God has called me to, in prayer ministry.  I have particularly appreciated your wise rebuke, which has trained me in righteousness.  So, thank you, not only for your encouragement, but your correction.  It has made a tremendous difference in my life.  Please continue to train me, as I have much to learn.  I am greatly blessed that you take time to train me.  – J

Joy of the Lord

Beloved Pastor Tom,

My wife and I have been coming to your meetings for over a year.  My wife L was delivered from a demon of depression the first night attending your meeting.  I have been with L for over 15 years, and she has never been so filled with the Joy of the Lord before. 

I’ve been Born-Again 30 years this month.  I never knew how to Walk in the Spirit, so for 20 years of my 30 years of being a Christian I walked in the Flesh.  No person, no Church taught me how you Walk in the Spirit until I came to your meetings.  Tom you would talk & talk on how to do it.  Now my wife and I walk in the Spirit & Jesus is Lord of our lives.  The Holy Spirit tells us what to do and we do it!

Tom it is good to go to a Church where the Holy Spirit still moves.  Most Churches in the Metro seem Post Charismatic.  God Bless you, Tom, thanks for moving in the Spirit.  Love in him – S

What a Night in the Lord!

Wow, what a night last night.  I mean WHAT A NIGHT IN THE LORD!!! What freedom!  Awesome, awesome!! New Day I say!! – J

Moved by the Spirit

Just thought you’d like to know that M. & G. were so blessed by Sunday night & your prayers for them.  J. also had mighty & powerful words for both of them after everyone else left.  At one point the heavenlies hit dear little G. so hard she flew about 3 feet.  Praise God an angel caught her because we sure couldn’t!

Monday morning in their hotel room, M. was moved by the Spirit to lead a hotel worker, from the same town in El Salvador where G. lives, to the Lord!  God gave M. powerful words of knowledge and love, hope & encouragement for the woman. 

The words you spoke Sunday night went right into their hearts & the examples you used were then used by God on Monday!  Thank you Lord! You now have  new friends & ministries starting in Fort Lauderdale & El Salvador.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

What a beautiful way for Jesus Christ, our bridegroom, to remind us of his great love for us as individuals and the church, his bride, last night.  We are truly HIS SWEETHEART! Your music ministry was lovely, and that sweet old tune, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” which we had a copy of on our old-fashioned player piano in my childhood, really touched me deeply.  It was such a beautiful way for the Holy Spirit to remind us of his great and deep love for us!  I received a beautiful healing last night, and that song was part of what God used to impart the love, that replaced the curse of rejection from which I was delivered last night.  The sermon was incredible, and the music blended with it and imparted the Word Pastor Tom shared, in an amazing way. – J

Jesus Revealed

I was touched very deeply last Tuesday night at your meeting.  I had received much prayer and special prophetic words that night.  I was standing up in front waiting for prayer once again.  At that time I had my eyes closed.  I felt someone tenderly touching my hands and holding them.  When I opened my eyes there was no one in front of me.  I turned quickly to look to either side of me.  I thought maybe Pastor Tom had come to pray for me or someone else.  No one was there.  Then Jesus spoke to me and revealed Himself to me.  He was dressed in white.  After that I went to pray for others.  God used the healing I received to touch others.  I am overwhelmed with the love of God.  His love is flowing over me no matter where I go or who I meet.

Spirit of Fear Left During Praise & Worship

God is continuing to do His work in my life.  On Tuesday evening during one of the worship songs, there was a lot of warfare dance.  I felt this kind of knot or ball in my spirit.  It was like something was trying to hang on.  I sensed it was that spirit of fear that I thought I had been delivered from back in September.  By the time the song was done, it had left and I have had such a peace in my spirit.  I am so totally at rest now.  It is so awesome to be free of it forever.  Thank you Jesus, pastors and all those that have labored on my behalf over these last many months.--K

Healed of Fibromyalgia

I’ve come to your meetings once or twice, and the Lord healed me of fibromyalgia when you prayed for me during the week of worship!

I physically felt it leave my body after you prayed, and then went and sat down to have a chat with the Lord.  I had been prayed for before, and felt relief, but within days felt like it was back full force.  This time when I prayed the Lord reassured me it was gone, that the muscles were weak, and needed to be strengthened.  So I am going to the gym, and dancing during worship, and standing on His reassurance!  Praise God! – K

Job in 7 Days

About a month ago you had a word for my husband’s cousin regarding a job.  The Lord told you to tell him that in 7 days after tomorrow something will happen.  He was finishing up a job at someone’s home and he had to go back the next morning to finish. (This would be the 7th day after tomorrow) and when he was almost done the couple said to him know anyone looking for a job??? He started the following week!!!

The Glory Was So Heavy

Just wanted to let you know how touched I was last night.  I have had a really challenging week and your message was so what I needed to hear!  Praise God!

The visual of the clean turban was needed.  Also, the word about the battle isn’t really Satan, but staying in Jesus was so powerful.  What a new perspective!  I could go on and on, but I won’t, you’re a busy man. – A

My Weakness, God’s Strength

I just wanted you to know what God did for me last night through your word and ministry.  When you were talking about being weak so HE could be strong, again, words I had heard but not in my spirit.  All my life I have been told that I am weak, because of health issues and other circumstances.  I viewed that word in such an ugly way.  I was always warring against it.  Last night God came and changed my definition of weakness into something life-giving, beautiful and useable.  Last night God deposited these truths in my Spirit and I feel such a peace, joy and new excitement about who I am in HIM!

God has used your ministry in powerful ways in my life.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

In HIS Love, -- J

Teachings Have Confirmed the Activity of the Holy Spirit

I just want to let you know how we praise God for your ministry.  The tapes of Ministering Out of the Spirit vs. Soul, have confirmed the activity of the Holy Spirit in my life in the past year.  I know that there have been times when I hear the Holy Spirit speaking out of my mouth with words that are not in my thoughts.  It was so strange but SO RIGHT.  This has happened when sharing the love of Jesus with a person who called our home whom I did not know.  Jesus manifested.

It again happened during an intercessory prayer time for our church, in which we asked the Holy Spirit to pray through us.  Now we are seeing the Holy Spirit leading our church into Holy Spirit ministry to our own body.

I want to say I’m actually experiencing the Life of Jesus.  I feel like the words of the Gospels are exploding with deep meaning… – B

Healed of Cancer

Your Tuesday meetings have been a great blessing to me since I began attending this past 8 months.  I have been prayed for, and had hands laid on me and was healed from cancer in one of your meetings in December.

Thank you for your faithfulness. – N

Healed of Barrenness

I had never been to your meetings before, but a friend of mine told me about it after I was relating to her my experience in Church on Sunday morning.  We attend at North Heights Lutheran Church and Pastor P A had given the message on Sunday about being desperate for the Spirit.  For the first time, my husband initiated going up for prayer!  We had been trying to conceive for the past year and had a Dr. Appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning to find out what was going on, as I had not had a period since May and after 4 pregnancy tests being negative, I was going to find out what was happening.  My friend R told me that you had preached that night at River and told me about your Tuesday evening meetings.  The timing was so perfect! The message you gave was so powerful and hit so hard, there’s a very good reason that Colossians wasn’t preached that night, and because someone (me) in that group needed the Word you gave.  My tongue was set free and there was so much coming out in tongues.  I grew up Catholic and prior to this had never more than briefly uttered in a prayer language before, much less been slayed in the Spirit!  I had both experiences rained down on me on Tuesday evening.  The words you spoke as you laid hands on me and prayed for the life which only God can give to fill me and that I would be open to receive it and that my body would be filled with life were a true gift!  During worship I had been given a vision of Jesus holding out a baby to me and after you prayed for me and went down, I felt all sorts of things happening in my insides.

On our trip back to St. Paul, I was relating what had been spoken to me to my friend R, and she commented that she had never spoke on Sarah, and that night you did 3 times!  Although she did not know prior to our getting in the car and talking what you had prayed for me directly, she knew too that the message that night had been for me and that my times of Sarah’s barrenness were over.

At my appointment yesterday, the Dr. had all sorts of reasons that I wasn’t getting pregnant, my weight, my age, etc. and ordered up all sorts of tests and told my husband that he should go get checked as well.  I requested that he add a pregnancy test to the battery of tests that he was going to do and he conceded to a urine test.  That came back inconclusive, so they sent in some blood from the blood draw and at 2:45 yesterday afternoon called to tell me that I was pregnant, although just barely.  I stood on the promises that I had been given and the words that had been ministered to me from the Holy Spirit through you.

Thank you for being such an obedient servant and minister of the Spirit! – M

Hard Heart Made Soft

I attended your meetings for the second time on Tuesday, there was ministry time for those who struggle with self-hatred.  I felt this pain in my heart and I knew I was to go forward for prayer.  This was the beginning of the Lord working on my heart. 

For some time I had felt that I had a hard heart for some reason.  I did not want to have a hard heart and was somewhat embarrassed that I had a hard heart.  I would not share that with anyone even though I wanted to be free of it.  After the service I felt like I was to ask Tom to pray for my heart.  I wanted to be free.  When he was finished praying he said that it might be good for me to sit or lay down and let the Lord continue what he is doing.

I lay on the floor for awhile and asked the Lord to continue what he wanted to do and to speak to me what he wanted to speak.  The Lord shared with me that I had allowed unbelief to enter my heart.  The teaching that night was from Hebrews 3-4 on entering the Lord’s rest and being careful to not have an unbelieving heart.  I repented for having an unbelieving heart.

When I woke up the next morning I felt like a completely different person.  The Lord did a deep thing within me. I thanked him periodically throughout the day.  I also kept asking Him who is this person? I feel so different – is this me Lord?  Who is this woman that you created?  I am a different person today as a result of that evening.  I also feel like I have a soft heart again.  I am so grateful to the Lord for all that He did that night and all that He is going to continue to do. – M

Restoration of Hope

Through circumstances I had lost all hope.  Tom Fox had an altar call for Jesus to change things.  I told Tom I couldn’t believe – that believing would set myself up for disappointment again.  Tom said, “Do you have the faith of a mustard seed?”  I didn’t, so he said he’d have faith on my behalf.  In the following few weeks I got fired and had surgery, etc.  I hit bottom.  Doug Stanton came to town.  At (his meetings) I received hope & faith again…but I was still attacked with panic thoughts.  I couldn’t go back to an office after 5 jobs.  But I set my mind on things above (Col. 3). I went to a Tom Fox Meeting.  When I looked at Tom, there were blotches in front of my eyes.  He, through Jesus, cast it out…Tom asked if I had felt like a cloud followed me – Definitely!  The cloud lifted.  I could see clearly.  I came home and looked in the mirror.  I looked different.  The curse was broken.  I have now, with my new hope and no demons, stepped into God’s mercy and favor…I will prosper now.  I can feel God loving me.  It has affected every area of my life…I am no longer ashamed of being fired many times.  It’s part of my testimony.  I know God will take care of me.  I don’t even care about my finances or anything else that used to worry me.  Life has become an adventure.  How exciting!  I can’t wait to see what Jesus will do next.  And even if something bad does happen, my life is hid in Jesus and He has complete control over it.  I am in Him – protected.  He loves me.—G

New Level of Authority, Power & Clarity

I just wanted to take a moment and share what God has done since Tuesday night.  Giving praise and credit to what God does is always something I like to do, however, I rarely send a written testimony.  This time what has happened warrants it.  First, thank you for your faithful service to the Lord.  Many lives are being transformed directly and indirectly as a result of your obedience to God.  Often, I desire to come to your meetings, but my schedule doesn’t always allow it.  I am going to ask the Lord to open things up for me so I can come and receive what He has deposited in you. 

After leaving your meeting, I went home to reflect on what had occurred.  I read in Judges about Gideon as directed by W.  The Lord spoke to me through that.  When I lay down to go to sleep, I felt as though I was not touching the bed, it was as though I was levitated.  Actually, Wednesday and Thursday nights have been the same experience too. Wednesday morning when I went to work, I still felt a presence on my forehead.  Even now as I write this, I can still feel something stretched across my forehead.  It’s as though a metal plate has been put in place…it’s almost a numb tingly feeling.  Still on Wednesday while working at my desk, I kept feeling like someone was standing behind me.  Continually I turned around to see who was there.  I never saw anyone until I had a quick glimpse of a large man standing about 2 feet behind my chair.  I realized it was an angel who was posted behind me as protection.  I felt the Lord impress upon me that He has assigned a new squad to surround me at all times.  I am now continually aware of their presence.

After work, at Life Church I was to give the youth a crash course on Evangelism.  I felt unprepared, as I have been going nonstop.  That didn’t matter at all because the spirit of God was so strong on me that everything just flowed.  I could hardly keep my mind caught up with what was coming out of my mouth.  These youth received what was spoken with such enthusiasm and what seemed like a knowing that what was being spoken was coming from a heavenly authority.

Last night, S, L, N & I got together to pray.  I’ve been in some intense prayer times, but something was much different last night.  I experienced a greater boldness, a greater level of authority that was being exercised, crystal clear vision, an acute sensing of what was happening in the spirit realm…there’s just too much to explain.

Since Tuesday night, my life has been dramatically changed.  I know people often say that, but this is the truth for me.  I will never be the same.  I feel as though God has taken me to a new level.  I am no longer walking with my feet on the ground, it’s as though I am walking in the air.  Everything I have been a part of ministerally/spiritually since Tuesday has been with such an increased authority, power and clarity.  Thank you for sharing what you did and being used by God to bring a humbling change to my life and future.  Life will never be the same for me; I cannot go back to the way things were before Tuesday.  That night, a line was drawn; a marker was erected in the life of K. – Pastor K

Freedom From Oppression

Just wanted to thank you for your prayer last night.  That thing left me last night and I have been free from it all day as well.  Thank you so much.  Praise the Lord. – S

Stuck to the Floor

Every time I attend one of your services the Holy Spirit takes over and touches me in some way, from the anointed praise & worship – to the message, or really, the lack of any formal message.  As the spirit leads!!

Last night was beyond anything I’ve felt in ages…when you placed your Bible on my stomach it was like the weight of the LORD was on me, not in a bad way, but in a way of conviction.  I could not even move until you took it off of me, I was stuck to the floor.  Once you removed the Bible it was like He was saying ok, you’ve had enough…for now! I know he has a plan for me, and I can run away from it as good as anyone can, but, it’s times like last night that His full force of love came down on me…. – B

Spiritual Surgery

…last week was excellent and changed my life! I’m not letting anyone put me down now. Someone tried to but I didn’t accept it. I felt like I had spiritual surgery! Praise the Lord! – S

Free From Fear

I have been so very blessed since I started coming to your meetings.  I know what you are doing is ordered by God, because my life is changing so much.  Last night, when you called for people who needed the strength of God, I came forward, and God really touched me.  I had been sharing with S the things I am experiencing at work.  I have been facing a lot of hardship.  My boss was making things very difficult for me, and I was feeling very weary, to the point I was thinking I was developing ulcers in my stomach.  After last night, today has been a miracle.  My boss has been talking to me as if nothing ever happened, and today I am walking in so much forgiveness toward her, and my other co-workers.  I am not getting that funny feeling in my stomach area.  Praise God!! – J

Holy Spirit Free to Move

I was totally blessed by that service.  One of the things I enjoy so much about your meetings is you never know what to expect.  It is not like a ‘program.’ I truly feel that the Holy Spirit has free course there. – J

Strong Presence of the Lord

What’s there not to like about your meetings?  The Presence of God is so strong. – L

Prophetic Released and New Boldness Imparted

That service was an awesome last night.  I know that my life is changed forever.  I wanted to speak to you and…last night, but when I left, you guys were still on the floor.  Tom said the Lord told him to anoint me.  I know that the prophetic was released in me in a greater measure.  I now know I will never ever be afraid to speak the ‘Words of the Lord’ again.  I also felt another level of boldness entering into me. – J

Delivered From Wrong Doctrines

As I have been thinking about the many things that I have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday, I am giving God thanks for you and your ministry. I have been coming since you started it back in May.  It has radically changed my life.  God is doing a wonderful work in me.   I have been so blessed with the impartations given. I am able to get into the Word more and seek God more.  And most of all I am being delivered from the wrong doctrines that I have been taught growing up in Catholicism.  The blood covenant teaching has been the most helpful in that area of my life.  I have walked with the Lord for many years, but I have not experienced this rapid of growth in a long time.  I am in a season of pruning right now and I know God is bringing forth much fruit from it.  I have almost felt compelled to be at the your meetings every week.  I know that it has been ordained of God to fulfill His purpose for me. – K

Everything Else is Worthless, Save Jesus

…I am feeling led to share with you a testimony of what the Lord has been doing, and to share with you my experience this last Tuesday night.

As you were preaching I could sense the Lord moving on my heart, at first I wasn’t sure what He was trying to tell you but as you continued on I believe Jesus was speaking through you directly to my heart.  I have this passion to bring truth to people.  To carry the gospel anywhere Jesus takes me, and I love witnessing to the lost.  This past 8-9 months I pray every morning for Jesus to open doors for me to witness to people.  He has been faithful and has given me many, many opportunities to share the word with people.  I always seemed to run into these strong people of faith, whether it be a devout Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Atheist…you name it, I’ve probably had an encounter with it.  So, I would start by basis of the law and continue from there into this huge intellectual 3-hour debate and end up right where I started. It gets frustrating, but I kept seeking Him and here and there I would have moments of breakthrough with someone but all I wanted was for them to have their salvation.

As you were speaking , I started to see my fault. The Lord started to show me my fault.  I prayed out to the Lord and he gave me a vision sitting next to Him on the throne, looking down on the world.  I could see all these needy, hopeless people and I was reaching down trying to grab their hands and lift them up to where I was, next to the king.  I would make eye contact with some of them but I couldn’t touch them.  My arms were not long enough and I could not take their hands.  I kept saying “Jesus! Why won’t you let me reach them, they need to know you, I want them to see the truth that I have.”  Jesus just let me keep trying and falling.  Finally I surrendered. I collapsed onto the Lord and cried.  Then Jesus reached down and one by one He lifted His children off the ground and pulled them to Him.  As I sat there watching he took my hand and together we lifted one off the ground and Jesus embraced them. 

I understand now.  I got it.  As I went up to the altar, I asked God to show himself to me in a greater way than I had ever experienced before.  That He would be so real we would be one, Him in me and I in Him.  That when I went out to share Him with people it would be Him and not my knowledge that embraced them.  Tom, the presence of God surrounded me and I was filled with the spirit in a way I have never experienced before.  It was not a touch from God, it was like a transformation of me to Him.  I have known the Lord for almost two years, but never like I met Him Tuesday night.  I will never forget that night as long as I live.  The spirit is so beautiful.

I look to Paul in His letter to the Philippians when he said “I once thought these things important, but now I see them as worthless compared to what Christ has done.  Everything is worthless compared with the priceless gain of knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord.  I have discarded everything else so that I may have Christ and become one with Him.” (Phil 3) That is my savior.

I pray that this be an encouragement to you and want you to know how much you are appreciated.  Thank you for your sacrifice and obedience.  I thank Jesus for you.  God has done a work in me at your meetings.  I have totally changed.  I know that God has used the teachings and impartations I have received at your meetings as powerful tools in my walk and vision.  I have been blessed tremendously by the relationships Jesus has given me there.  God bless you for all that you have done in obedience to Him. – A

It's All About Him

Excellent message last night.  Absolutely wonderful.  B & I needed to hear it so much.  The anointing was very powerful too.  Thanks.  We will have to get the recording so we can get the message deep in our hearts.  It is all about Him and not us!!!  Very, very powerful. – B&S

Heavy Anointing Held Me Down

Last night was awesome.  The first time when I went down, when you had us just look at you, I was so under the power, so much – I could not move at all.  It was like angels were holding my legs and my head.  It was very, very, very, heavy and I couldn’t get up until you asked Eddie to come up and share.  It was so good!!! – S

Huge Difference

I really do appreciate the meetings that I have attended.  They make a huge difference in my life.  Thank you so much. – G

Spiritual Heart Surgeries

I needed to let you know that I really appreciate your yielding to God in such a wonderful way.  The Lord Jesus Christ flows out with such fresh rivers of life-giving water and washes all that choose to stand in its flow.

After the teaching and prayer for the revelation and release of the Gospel of Christ that you ministered, I have had such an amazing freedom, joy and release from a heart that had grown hard from deceptions, fear, unbelief and resentments.  Thank you and thank you Lord for taking the time for such major heart surgeries.  I believe it will bring a rich reward and honor in many ways to God, you and the world. – R

At Your Service

I know with all of my heart that the Lord is moving on this City in a powerful way and I want to be in the thick of it!  In short…I will be at your services. – M

Gazing at Him

Tonight, at the meeting, as I was seeking God’s rest and asking Him what was on His heart for me an image came into my mind.  The image was of me laying down on the church pew with my head in the Lord’s lap…Should I fast?  Should I pray?  Should I study?  What should I be Doing…Doing…Doing? Tonight, the Lord showed me.  I should be GAZING on Him.  All the rest flows naturally without my EFFORT if I spend my time RESTING and GAZING.  That is the ministry He has for me.  That is the ministry He has for all of us.  GAZING…GAZING…GAZING! – L

Revelation Truth

I have been listening to one of your messages this week – “Moses and the Glory.”  I have been so blessed by it.  I don’t even know where it came from, I can’t remember buying it or anything! I put it in my player about a week ago and it’s still in there, I keep listening to it over and over and over again, I can’t even explain it.  I think I have had it for almost over 6 months and I never listened to it.  Now I can’t stop listening to it.  I have fed off of it. It seems sometimes I can know something, but other times God opens the eyes and you REALLY KNOW something.  I have been so blessed by it. – A

Teaching From a Heart of Truth

I know that the Lord has revealed truth to you!  So I just want to thank you for obeying Him and teaching us the Word.  I am full of joy by the fact God is helping me understand His Word so much clearer and I am thankful to you for being a vessel that he can do this through. – N

No Words Appropriate

I couldn’t think of words appropriate for Friday evenings meeting.  Thank you for serving Him the way you do. – G

Holy Spirit’s Presence

God truly has you, and I can sense the Holy Spirit’s presence within you…. – D

Rich in Jesus

As I am counting my blessings this season, you have come to mind.  I thank God for you and your ministry.  I am soooo rich in Jesus.  He is doing an awesome work through you. - J

Blanket of the Lord Brought Healing

I just wanted to share with you the neat thing that the Lord did for me at the meeting last week.  I had had a cold virus for about 12 days.  On the way to the meeting my chest hurt, and I was having trouble with my voice.  When you prayed for us at the beginning of the meeting the presence of the Lord just blanketed me on the floor.  I think I was the last one to finally return to my seat.  On my way home I realized that I was feeling a 100% better.  From that night on energy returned and I have felt fine.  Your message was outstanding!  I embrace those words of the Lord that challenge us to change.  I especially kept in my heart how when we speak against others we will be brought to a low place.  I appreciate your heart in which you conveyed the heart of the Lord to us.  May the Lord continue the work he is not only doing in you but in all of us that we may truly be clothed with His presence and not ours! – P

Ministry Brought to a Whole New Level

Praise the Lord for his mercies endure forever and ever and from one generation to another.  First of all, I would like to thank you for being obedient to God in the last crusade we had.  You message from Ezekiel 47 was such a life changing, reviving, and power packed anointed message.  The word was so refreshing to me!  As you kept preaching, the Spirit, like water was rising upon me – covering me in a most unusual way.  God was cleansing me while he was empowering me!  There was such a great impact in my life and the life of those who were with me…. Since I have been back, God’s voice has become so clear as far as direction for the ministry and our ministry has gone to a whole new level….” – Pastor S.N.

Incredible Move of the Holy Spirit

…my friend L called me today and I thought you would like to hear this.  She was at your meeting; she said “That the meeting was incredible and she hasn’t felt the move of the Holy Spirit like that since the move of the Holy Spirit at Living Word – a long time ago.” – N

Desiring More of the Same Ministry

Last night S and her husband R asked me where you go to church…They said the reason they were asking was that they are so blessed by your ministry that they would like more of it…. – N

Tremendous Help

The ministry the Lord was doing through you has been a tremendous help to me during the past 1 ½ years.  God bless you for your efforts and I appreciate you so much! – M

Baptism – Life Changed!

I never got the chance to write a letter when everyone else put theirs together.  So here is mine.  I am a member of North Heights Lutheran Church in Roseville/Arden Hills.  It was at a River of God service at the Arden Hills location where I saw you for the first time.  I got your information and signed up for your email list.  I have been attending your meetings off and on for a couple of years.  Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to touch lives!  Your ministry has blessed me in so many ways!  The most memorable experience was when you had the Water Baptism in the pool of someone’s back yard (can’t remember their name).  I know for a fact that after that experience, my life has changed!  The Spirit was all over me that night.  Thank you for your obedience to God in doing that.  I wasn’t able to attend the next year Water Baptism, but plan to attend future events.  I have also attended one of the Sunday night meetings and plan on attending more.  I hope and pray that everything falls into place in finding/building a building to have your own church.  I am excited to see what happens in all the things the Lord has called you to in the area of a church, the homeless, equipping the Body of Christ and other things the Lord has laid on your heart.

May God bless you and your ministry in the coming year!  Continue to allow God to use you to “impact” people’s lives! – R

“Freed the Third Time”

Thank you so much for being a wonderful example of what we are supposed to be.  You are a true gift of God to many people!

GLORY TO GOD!  I am so excited for what this has done in my life and those who went into the water with us.  I KNEW something huge was going to happen to me.

I was baptized as a high school junior at Grace church in Roseville.  I got wet.  The end.  I didn’t rededicate my life to Christ or become a new creation, in fact from there my life took a definite turn for the worse.  I only became more rebellious.

Then after I was baptized a year and a half ago, I wanted to be baptized in power and faith as I was starting to believe about what water baptism was supposed to do.  So, we had someone baptize us last November, and something went wrong.  After I was baptized, I felt horrible disappointment and a host of other things.  I sat unmoving in the car on the way home, feeling quite awful.  After that, I became terribly depressed and felt that Satan was trying to kill me.  I laid in the bed crying and couldn’t stop for many days.

When I was baptized by Tom Fox, that is when I knew it was finished.  I don’t need to go for more deliverance, it was finished in the waters.  I know that I am truly crucified with Christ, it is no longer I that live but Christ in me!  After some demons left me, in the waters, Tom said, “He sent the hornet in, (the Holy Spirit), to drive out the last one.”  They laid me on the side of the pool, and a few people were ministering to me.  N said, as I shook my head side to side, “You leave her, now!”  I started laughing, and said “No, they’re all gone it’s just water in my ears.”  I laughed and said, “Now, I am one of those crazy Christians!”  Jesus asks us to be different.  True disciples are pretty radical.  I am excited to be a freak, a wonder, an embarrassment, a disciple of Jesus, whatever that entails.

I felt so free after I got up, I wanted to jump up and down and fly.  I did jump up and down actually and I am still flying in the spirit.  Watch out world!

God bless you,

In Christ, K

“Spiritual Jew”

I don’t know how to say thank you.  And I am sure that I don’t even yet know the full extent to what I have to say thank you for.  I just wanted to encourage you with my story.  I am the one you asked if I was Jewish, and God told you that I was a spiritual Jew.

But the words you spoke to me.  You whispered twice.  “Jeshua M? (Melechem?) I can’t exactly remember what the m word was.  Then after I was baptized, you asked me if I was Jewish.  Then God answered you, so I didn’t have to.  I am ¾ German.  Before I even became a Christian, I had a broken spirit that it was so possible that one of my relatives had participated in that horrid event.  And by relation, I had.  Then when I became a Christian, I had longed for restoration.  I learned at a Holy Spirit Conference at North Heights that if you ask for forgiveness from an American Indian each time you meet one and that aids in healing our land.  I simply applied that to my Jewish brothers and sister.

Then my husband was called to play the shofar.  He was delivered from a fear of worship by Doug Stanton his first night at River of God 2 years ago.  This brought a book into our home called Living Emblems.  It’s about all the different items that are used by the Jews to remember God and his promises.  Since then, we have both gotten prayer shawls.  And now I have a CD that is messianic praise and worship.  Half of the songs are in Hebrew.  My heart is so desiring the language and the signs that have been ordained by God to the Jews.  But there was always this bond of guilt.  My family had hurt those God called and loved.

Last night as you spoke to me in Hebrew and then asked me the questions and had God answer it for me, a new freedom came.  A freedom to pursue the Jewish holy days, to celebrate them, to learn the language, to teach my children the traditions of God.  Thank you.  I’m in love with my King.

I still struggle with the relationship part of the equation and that is why in my own mind I went to the water.  But God was so faithful to me last night.  The first C/D you gave away was one I had intended to buy.  And God sent it straight to me.  I even caught it, which is not something I am very capable of.  He protected my embarrassment even. Thank you, my friend and brother. – R

“Will Never Forget”

Last night’s meeting and baptism was awesome…so very special!!!  Thank you for what you are doing and for your love for Jesus and his people.  I have been telling all my friends about last night.  It was an evening I will never forget. – S

“Send in the Hornet”

Good morning, Tom,

I wanted to give some feedback on the water baptism.  Firstly, it was very deep, moving, cleansing and freeing for so many.  It was awesome to watch God move and to be a part of it.  And it was also very touching to watch how the Holy Spirit moved through you for each person, individually.  Very real.

I had not heard before…”sometimes He’ll send in the hornet”…and it really spoke to me.

The next morning after the water baptism, I was moving some things around by the garage and suddenly zap, zap.  I was stung twice by a hornet!  In the heel area, no less!  And it hurt.  I haven’t been stung by a hornet in probably 20 years.  The first word out of my mouth wasn’t a pleasant one, but suddenly I remembered you specifically praying to “send in the hornet”, and I began laughing…all by myself, outside my garage, while rubbing my swollen heel!

And I said, okay Lord, let it be removed.  Whatever it is, let’s go for it.  I gave it little more thought that day other than the areas stung really hurt.

That night, I had a dream and I believe a healing that was over 10 years in the making.  The dream had dealt with something buried very, very deep in my heart concerning my previous husband.  I wouldn’t have thought or believed in any way there was any healing left to be done regarding him or our previous marriage.  The dream was real, I felt myself coming to the startling realization of what had actually happened and then deeply releasing the pain from my very heart.  I woke up with a literal “heartache.”  I was happy to awake.  It was hard to move through the dream, it was hard to feel the pain, and it was hard to fight back the tears when I awoke.  And it was cleansing.  I was really dumbfounded.

And then I felt the ‘hornet stings’ again and just cried.  And laughed.

I thank you Lord for your healing, for your deliverance and for your ways of releasing us fully to receive all you have from your Kingdom.  I praise you Lord that you are ever-present, and willing to send in the hornets for our full healing.  I thank you Lord that you didn’t leave that unrecognized hurt at the bottom of my heart.

And thank you Lord for your faithful servant, Tom.

So that is my ‘hornet testimony’! Also that night of the water baptism, I was in and out of a wakeful state all night and much was revealed, released and imparted.  It was a very powerful time.  I really had no personal intention of going through (the waters).  There was just this drawing to do so…and I was very, very blessed. 

I know, from others I have spoken with, that the Lord is continuing His work from those waters. Thanks Tom. J

One Swipe


I was born with a rare hereditary liver disease accompanied with swelling in all four limbs.  The doctors told my parents not to become attached to me because I wasn’t going to live.  I was at a teaching hospital and I am sure because the Doctors thought for sure I would die, they experimented on me.  My head was inserted with radiation, which later was the cause of my thyroid cancer.  I also had exploratory surgery at around the same time.  My dad became an alcoholic because he could not handle my illness.  Later I began experiencing chronic skin infections so that I had to wear gloves everywhere I went so I wouldn’t contract any germs.  I had to take antibiotics every month, which was ruining an already damaged liver.  I was a heap.  At the time my dad was dying of liver cancer I became jaundiced and was extremely ill.  I began to recover and my dad died.

It was about this time that God gave me a vision one night that I was in a dark pit and there were many black hands reaching up to grab hold of my ankles.  God reached out for me to lift me from the pit.  After this my deliverance began.  I had been delivered from fear, which had become my god, and condemnation.  Which brings me to the baptism.  I know that I had received a wonderful deliverance.  On the following Saturday night the Lord woke me and showed me chains like a spider web all across my insides.  The night of the baptism, like we can wipe the intricate work of a spider web away with one swipe of our hand, the Lord came and with one swipe of his hand wiped out the intricate work of the enemy.  I feel so good.  When I look at my eyes, they seem different.  I feel so light.  GLORY TO GOD!! I can’t thank you enough!! I am so grateful for your teaching and ministry and for you allowing GOD to work through you to touch so many!!! I also want to give Glory to God – he had healed me of the chronic skin infections, of thyroid cancer – and this past March I went in for my physical and had normal liver function tests, and although the doctors say that is not conclusive, they need a liver biopsy to show no damage.  I believe the LORD is restoring my health.

Your thankful sister in Christ, - J

“Hesitant to be Baptized”

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the baptism service on Aug. 19th.  About 8 months ago I started attending The River of God services at North Heights Lutheran Church.  It was there (on Aug. 3rd) that I heard about this baptism service.  You had a word of knowledge that night that someone was hesitant to be baptized.  That was me!  I told you that just before you baptized me.  When you said “all the lies are buried” I let out a loud scream.  Those lies have dominated my whole life.  Thank you so much for your ministry.  I waited 41 years for this!  I plan on continuing to attend River of God.

Thank you for including us in this special baptism service. – J

Authority and Ability

Hello Tom,

I sure appreciate you.  Thanks for being there for us and ministering to us.  The words “ability” and “authority” you gave me at the baptism are just what I had been given by the Lord the whole week before, and there must have been some kind of deliverance going on at the word “pouring out” that came from A.  There is a breaking going on, so I can pour out the anointing, and live out of His authority and ability.  It sure is an interesting process. – R

Brain Cancer Healed

Last Friday we had an awesome night.  In the last email we sent out we had asked for continued prayer for P.  P has been receiving treatment for brain cancer.  He has a big lump on his head he covers with a baseball cap.  We met P a few weeks ago and we have been praying and talking to him each week.  Last Friday P came and told us he had been to the doctor that morning and THE CANCER IS GONE!!! He then continued to testify to the other guys on the street how we have been praying for him each week and God healed him.  We talked later and he told me he believed God healed him so he can get his life together and get his kids back. Thanks for your ministry.

Halloween – “Witnessing on the Street”

Last night we went out street witnessing!  We went and talked to people about Jesus on the street in downtown MPLS.  We had an empty homemade coffin, with a cross on it that we carried down the street.  We set it down and a girl got in it, with the lid aside.  We had a quote taped to the side about death and being unprepared for it.  First it was me and Amanda, outside standing by the coffin while the others parked.  We had “customers” right away.  It was so amazing!  I’ve never done that before!  I boldly talked to people about God, something I hadn’t really done before.  We handed out tracts and prayed with several people, it was so neat to see how open people were to talking to us.  I never experienced fear or shyness at all.  I’m not one who ever went up to talk to strangers about anything, so it was so amazing what I heard come out of my mouth.  I can’t wait to go back and do it again.  It was so cold, that my whole body was shaking while I was talking, but it didn’t seem to matter.

I did talk face to face with Satan, that was interesting.  I was going to give him a tract.  I asked him a question and his reply was almost blowing fire at me while he forced out “Don’t even start.” I stared at him for 10 seconds and said “goodnight” and walked away, than a few min later his buddy asked me for a tract, and later he said something else to me.  Granted we were standing outside First Avenue and punk rock club, in the midst of demonic territory.

I just want to say through your teachings, Tom, I have been changed to a person who boldly proclaims the word of God.  God has truly been at work at your meetings.  I am testifying to the fact that if God can use me, he can use anyone who know him, to share his message with the world.  I want to encourage people that God is using the teaching ministry at your meetings to change and prepare his people to get outside of themselves and go out into the world and preach the gospel!  The Lord has anointed us to go out!!!! – K

So Blessed

My prayer for you during this season is that the Lord will bless you abundantly!  I’ve been so blessed by your ministry.  Along with learning tons.  It has been a place of freedom in worship that I have so desired.  It is a place where I have been affirmed.  Thank you – K

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